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High Speed Carry Handle Applicator, on the side
( Speed up to 150 cycles/min/lane ).

HANDLEPACK L machines apply carry handles to high speed on all types of multipacks (cans, bottles, bricks) and single unit products, including products packaged in paper, corrugate and shrink wrap.
HANDLEPACK L are compact in size and provide easy, secure access for reloading handle supplies or performing routine machine maintenance

application de poignées adhésives sur pack de cannettes par le coté
machine d'application de poignées de transport par adhésif par le coté - handlepack L Side

FLÉXIBILITY : wide range of products, adjustable handle height, single, double or triple lane version, all types of laminated handles (with paper, foam, PP…) for an improved customer carrying experience.
HANDELPACK L are equipped with a motorized double roll dispenser.

COMPACITY : Machine length from 1,800 mm (spacer included) for easy and seamless integration into existing production lines.

RELIABILITY : Sturdy stainless steel construction, state of the art components, latest in servo drive technology.

SIMPLICITY : Quick and easy format change, optimal accessibility for maintenance operation.

EFFICIENCY : Easy and trouble free operation (availability of min. 99%), low-maintenance machine.


  • External laminating unit from foam (1 to 2 mm thick), paper, PP, PE flat rolls.
  • Automatic splicing unit .
  • Additional conveyors for unstable items.
  • Multi-formats.

Speed (per lane) :

Up to 150 cycles / min

Number of lanes : Up to 3
Power supply : 3*400V + N + Pe ( 50-60 Hz )
Installed power : 3.6 KW
Handles specifications :
-Length :
-Width :

-From 300 to 500 mm
-25 / 30 / 37,5 mm
Construction :
-Frame, casing
-Electric Cabinet
-Machine parts


-Stainless steel
-Painted steel (stainless optional)
-Stainless steel and anodized aluminium

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