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Adhesive tape bundling machine, stacked products
( Speed up to 30 cycles/min/piste ).

MULTIPACK P30R machine is designed to bundle with adhesive strips packets, bags, cardboard or plastic boxes, soft or rigid. The products are flat conveyed and stacked.

This solution is particularly suitable for small batch runs that require adhesive rollers impressions in small quantities.
 The adhesive spool width corresponds to the adhesive strip width applied on the bundle.

Mise en lots de produits empilés par bandes adhésives
Mise en lots de produits empilés par bandes adhésives
Machine de mise en lots de produits empilés par bandes adhésives - MULTIPACK P 30 R

FLÉXIBILITY : Suitable for a large range of products, adjustable adhesive strip position and width, application of printed and spotted or neutral adhesive spools.

SIMPLICITY : Fast and easy formats change.

RELIABILITY : Sturdy stainless steel construction, state of the art components, latest in servo drive technology.

EFFICIENCY : Easy and trouble free operation (availability of min. 99%), low maintenance machine.


  • Semi-automatic version with manual feed or Automatic version.
  • Multi-formats.

Speed (per lane) :

Up to 30 cycles / min

Number of lanes : Up to 2
Power supply : 3*400V + N + Pe ( 50-60 Hz )
Installed power : 4 KW
Spécifications adhésif :
- Longueur :
- Largeur :
- Bobines mandrin 3"

-From 40 to 100 mm
-From 300 to 650 mm
-Up to 2,500 strips/spool
Construction :
-Frame, casing
-Electric Cabinet
-Machine parts


-Stainless steel
-Painted steel (stainless optional)
-Stainless steel and anodized aluminium

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